Jun 252011

(asked by Nicolette from California) I was in a relationship with a French guy. The relationship was very good here in CA. So, he invited me to France to spend Christmas with his family, meet his parents, etc. I was excited about this, and accepted. I arrived to meet a very wealthy family. During my seven week stay (in their secondary house) I was invited into the big house for 2 meals with them, a lunch on my 5th day [Read the rest]

Oct 132009

(asked by Meghan B. from somewhere) Can you explain the bourgeoisie? Every time I read/hear about it, it seems to have a negative connotation but I’m not sure what exactly makes someone bourgeoisie or not. I don’t know if I should be flattered or annoyed by this question? Flattered because of the trust that person puts into my knowledge. Annoyed because that person is obviously not aware of the existence of dictionaries, encyclopedias and of course Wikipedia (let’s not mention [Read the rest]