Sep 072009

(asked by Marissa from somewhere) I have met a wonderful French man whom I will spend the month of August with… Is it common that French men invite female friends to spend summer vacation with their parents? What’s the etiquette that I should be aware of when I stay with them? What kind of gifts or gesture is expected as a guest? I am kind of nervous spending 10 days with his parents at their holiday home. Any advice from [Read the rest]

Jul 292009

(asked by Claire from the US) If you’re going out in France with friends or on a date, how do you customarily pay? Does each person pay separately? Does someone pay now and someone the next time? Or is the person who invites that pays? First, let’s distinguish date from out with friends. On a date, back in the days, things were simple: the man paid. There were two main reasons for that: rules of gallantry/sexism (depending your take on [Read the rest]