Dec 282010

(asked by Leesa, from the US and currently living in France) I have a question out of genuine curiosity…. Why do the French burn cars… and why is this done as a common practice or sort of “tradition” on New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg??? What’s the draw for people to go out and burn all those cars? Why do people get away with this/why isn’t it enforced more??? So, first, I don’t want people to be confused by the title, [Read the rest]

Aug 162010

(asked by Ché from England) I’m looking for a little advice but may well have missed the deadline for getting an answer before my trip. Either way the answers maybe of interest to your readers or future tourists. I have kindly been invited to spend New Years Eve with my boyfriends family in Lille. In England, New Year’s Eve is about partying, drunken antics, laughter and tears. All coupled with the feeling that your pants are being pulled down (figuratively [Read the rest]