Nov 152010

Sorry guys, I know I haven’t been very active around here lately, blame it on me being out of the country a little, me being quite busy with other things, and also some lack of motivation I admit. Back in the days, idiotic questions amused me, now they bore me. And I won’t mention the dozens of “I met this French man, what does he think?” questions. Those are unfortunately the vast majority of questions I get and they’re way [Read the rest]

Sep 092009

(asked by Samantha from New York) Without trying to be too vague, I want to know if you think strikes are still effective in France, or more so, do they still have the ability to actually affect those not concerned. Or are they so frequent that there’s actually some truth in Sarkozy’s whole when-France-goes-on-strike-nobody-notices quote? When one breaks out, how do you tend to react (if you react)? Having seen a handful besides the major university protests while I was [Read the rest]