May 022011

(asked by Ismael from California)

A few more just to get some perspective about your answers: How old are you? What part of France do you live in and have you lived in? I don’t mean to get too personal as I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I think these would be useful to know.


Wow, this is quite personal indeed. Well, I value my anonymity dearly, so you won’t get many answers from me as far as personal things go (although, regular readers know I drop a few hints here and there at times). But you’re right, new readers need to have some perspective.

So, here I’ll sorta answer those questions, and if commenters what to ask more personal questions, I may answer them too (if I don’t want to answer a question, to expect me to publish the comment either).

How old am I?

I’m between 35 and 40. (I didn’t say I was going to give specifics)

What part of France do I live and have I lived in?

I currently live in the South West of France, in my hometown. I don’t think I’ll stay here any much longer, it is supposed to be temporary, so I want to make sure it stays temporary. Before that, I lived in two other cities in the South West during the 90′s and I lived in Paris for the second half of the past decade (the first half being spent in the US).

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  3 Responses to “Tell us more about you!”

  1. So you were in the US for 5 years?

  2. That’s not a lot of info…but now a lot of things make more sense.

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